Periodontal Dentistry

Trained in Laser surgery, Martha Cortés DDS will help you recover your oral health with effective treatment for gum disease…

Periodontal Disease may be diagnosed by Dr. Cortés during an oral examination. Periodontal Disease, also known as gum disease, is the most common cause of tooth loss in adults. This inflammatory disease attacks the gums, bones and other supporting structures of the teeth. Limiting the gums ability to protect teeth; Periodontal Disease can result in tooth loss.

Periodontal Disease is caused by plaque. If the plaque is not brushed away, calculus will develop causing gums to slip down away from teeth. This movement creates a pocket between the teeth and gums. Eventually the pocket fills with plaque, deteriorating the bone structure and resulting in tooth loss.

Laser Periodontal Gum Surgery

Within our dentistry practice we provide patients with Gentle Laser Periodontal Gum Surgery. Through the utilization of the Laser, minimal gum tissue is lost. There is no cutting or suturing involved, meaning there is no pain and a faster recovery time. The Laser will remove; inflamed and diseased tissue within the Periodontal Pocket; heighten the length of tooth above the gum line; remove muscle pulls and benign tumors. By retaining a maximum amount of gum tissue, the loss of tooth and bone structure will be minimal.

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