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The Diabetes Link to Alzheimer’s Disease

Malnourishment causes cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Andreas Moritz explains the factors that cause and contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease. Too little insulin causes Alzheimer’s to develop, which means diabetics are more at risk for developing the disease.

ESPYS: Day 2

Jaguars linebacker Kirk Morrison takes us through the ESPN The Magazine Style Studio

PPM™ Mouthguards – The New Technology for Golf

The new technology for golf is not in the club, the ball or glove – it’s in the mouth

How often do we see ads for the latest and best golf club that can potentially drive your ball out onto the green like a pro? Of course better technology can make for better playing, however, ultimately it is the skill of the individual player that determines how well they play. How about instead concentrating on the player and enhancing their skills through technology – no not steroids – but how about a performance mouthguard. What is a performance mouthguard, you ask? It is a dentist-derived mouthguard that is based on the science of neuromuscular dentistry. Unlike a regular mouthguard, which is merely a protective device so that your teeth don’t get damaged, a PPM™ mouthguard enhances a player’s speed, flexibility, strength and stamina during any athletic activity by correcting the balance of the lower and upper jaws. Properly balanced jaws act like a neurological circuit on the rest of the body – it’s an on button for the body’s electrically charged muscles. And these electrically charged muscles are what we depend on during golf or any other sport we may be playing to deliver balanced explosive power.

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Florida Probe & Lasers

Dr. Martha Cortés explains the benefits of using lasers, rather than gum surgery, to treat advanced cases of periodontal disease. The Florida Probe system (handpiece and software) is shown several times during the movie, helping to diagnose and monitor her patient’s perio health before and after the laser procedure, as well as educate the patient (through voice call-outs).

Makkar PPM on Monday Night Football

Dr. Martha Cortés and Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Listen to Dr. Martha Cortés talk about her experience with Judge Sonia Sotomayor. Dr Martha Cortes is a cosmetic dentist in Manahattan, NY. For more information please visit

Dr. Martha Cortés talks about Gingivitis (Español)

Dr. Martha Cortés talks about Gum Disease

Dr Martha Cortes is a dentist in Manhattan, NY providing treatment and advice on gum disease – also known as Periodontal disease. For more information please visit

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