Want to know more about Dr. Martha Cortés? Read some of the excellent feedback for Dr. Cortés from Top3 Dentists:

I have been a patient of Dr. Cortes for 8 years. I started treatments with her after a physician suggested that dental issues were contributing to chronic health conditions. After consulting with several dentists and health practitioners it was determined that major dental treatment was required. (I previously had been going to the same family dentist for a large part of my life. After he passed, it was discovered that there were major dental issues that had been overlooked.) Due to the extensity of the work and possible health ramifications, I started reading numerous books about dentistry and speaking to many health professionals, dentists, patients, etc., I began literally a world-wide search looking for a dentist to do the necessary work. My search led me to Dr. Cortes.

I cannot say enough about the care that I have received from Dr. Cortes. She is a rare combination of great skill, knowledge, experience, and talent. In every field there are some who are outstanding and in dentistry, Dr. C is in this category.  If ever there was a doctor who not only delivers the highest level of treatment and always goes the extra mile, it is Dr. Cortes. There were times when I was in the area (I lived in North Carolina at the time) and needed dental care and she offered to come in at 7:00 am and on holidays to fit me in.

I immediately realized that I am not alone in my appreciation for Dr. Cortes. Over the years in speaking with other patients, everyone I have spoken with also shares the same appreciation and I would say gratitude towards Dr. Cortes. Her patients are her biggest fans!!! I have met people from all over the country who come into town to see Dr. Cortes. I myself have flown in when I was living in other states. Whole families come in from out of town to see her. I have also met other patients who have had major health issues who also feel fortunate to have Dr. Cortes as their dentist. Recently I was seeing a health professional in NYC and Dr. Cortes came up in a conversation. His response was that Dr. Cortes “is a genius.” Another great fan of Dr. C!!!! I also appreciate the techs and office staff in the office. They also have been professional, efficient, and caring. Each person is treated as a welcomed individual and not just as a patient.

I have referred highly discriminating friends to Dr. Cortes, and they too share my respect and appreciation for Dr. C. For me, based on the extensity of treatments and long duration of our doctor/patient relationship I include Love for her as a great doctor and most caring person in my long list of accolades for Dr. Cortes. I am most fortunate to have found her.

W. Mukai

Dr Martha Cortes is a brilliant practitioner – a genius diagnostician, creative, inventive, and instinctive, intuitive, and empathetic. She has become the center of my general health and healing, recommending the very best methodologies and practitioners to treat me for whatever symptoms I’ve presented throughout these past 10 years. My doctor/patient relationship with Dr Cortes is a rare and treasured life-changing experience.

Recently, the doctor made “bite tabs” for me, custom-fitted to my bite. This was in the wake of whip lash, which led to a rotated disc in my left TMJ and bulging discs in my neck, diagnosed in MRI’s of both areas. When I was seen by Dr Cortes, shortly after the whiplash, she tested me on the computer, exploring range of motion, etc. I had previously tested off the charts, but not that day. She immediately ordered the MRI’s, which I had that evening. When she saw the results, listed above, she made the bite tabs. From the start, I experienced relief from symptoms, relating to nerve discomfort/pain in my neck and jaw, as well as balance and dizziness. During the weeks that I’ve worn the bite tabs, I’ve experienced gradual and continual cessation of symptoms, and presently they are gone.

M. Sokol, New York

Dear Dr. Cortes,

I am so happy that you are my doctor. I never had any doctor like you! You are so lucky that you are a doctor because you help a lot of people. One day, I want to be a doctor like you! :)

Love, Beth

I Richard D’Angio wanted to praise the artistic work that Dr. Martha Cortez did on my teeth. Changing to low fusing ceramic’s seemed to take a lot of stress of my system. After several years the teeth are holding up great, I feel younger and more relaxed.

Richard D’Angio

Since I got my bite-tabs I felt a great improvement in my jaw. Much less pain in both jaw, neck and temple, even my headaches improved. I thought for sure I had to do a few rootcanals (my lower teeth were hurting so much), but to my surprise, the pain disappeared in just a few weeks. I am surprised that something as simple could help me feel so much better, thanks to Dr.Cortes.

Marie Loceife Ficello

Dear Dr.Cortez,

Thank you so much for doing the impossible. I never thought it would feel this well again. You are the East Coast Klinghardt!

Marulyn Zaret

Since my bite has been corrected, my mouth, bite and comfort generally feels so much better.

Beca Potter H.

My experience with Dr.Cortes has changed my life- and how I feel. Before coming to Dr. Cortes, I was experiencing sleepless nights, headaches and tension neck pain. Although I had cervical spine surgery late last year, I knew that my symptoms were not post surgical.
I am sure that additional treatments are planned for me, but my initial response and reaction to treatment ( and the bite tabs) have certainly enhanced my life awake and when asleep.


Dr.Cortes is so wonderful inside and out and is a rare physician that cares about her patients. Dental care must be cosmetically sound but the most important part of dentistry is the health and proper alignment of the teeth and bite. Dr. Cortes is thorough and pleasant to know. She changed my health, appearance and happiness and I am grateful to her forever
I love you Martha!

A.Benson – Wife of Baseball Player

Ever since I had the orthotics put in not only is the pain gone but my eyes are even! (not that I knew they were ever lopsided.) So now my face is symmetrical, I’m out of pain, and the teeth are 10x nicer than my old ones!
Thanx Dr.C
You rock my world


Dr. Cortes drastically changed the symmetry of my face. Also, my bite is so perfect which has almost eliminated the migraine headaches and also stomach aches (I assume from the metal removed)
Dr. Cortes is extremely accurate in her measurements and scaling- so much that my dentist complimented her brilliant margins. She is morally and ethically sound and is concerned in tooth, gum and all over body wellness and her methods are practical and beautiful.
Love you!

A Benson

For Martha Cortes DDS

I am a forty-eight year old man. I’ve been fighting periodontal disease for over fifteen years. More than a dozen years ago I had root planning and gum surgery to remove deep pockets in all four quadrants. The disease recurred aggressively in 2000.

By the time I saw Dr. Cortes in May 2001, the disease was quite advanced. All of my lower incisors were visibly loose. The gums were badly receded on several teeth. I had very deep pickets throughout my mouth and the guns had an unnatural color. There were signs of active infection in every quadrant. I could no longer bite down on food and there was no part of my mouth where I could chew without pain. I had been told by my dentist that I was reaching the end of the line and would be loosing several teeth. I had put off treatment as the crisis worsened. I was living in fear and had become depressed about the prospect of losing so many teeth, including all of the lower incisors. By chance, I was referred to Dr.Cortes. Everything changed for me from that point.

Following an examination, she proposed that I had a good chance of keeping all my teeth. I agreed to an aggressive therapy using new techniques. In a single session, Dr.Cortes treated my entire mouth, employing lasers and bone grafting technique using my own platelets, extracted and centrifuged in her office, and artificial bone. Only local anesthetic was used during the procedure, which lasted more than five hours. My previous surgery required a Demerol and Valium cocktail.

Unlike traditional periodontal surgery, the bleeding and swelling were minimal. I required Ibuprofen for a few days, but no prescription analgesics. I remained on a soft diet for two weeks while the initial healing took place. Dr.Cortes then splinted the lower incisors, anchoring them to the canines. I had two brief follow-up laser treatments and periodic scaling using a laser. I also began using Periostat.

After about two months, I began to notice that there was no longer any pain when I chewed. For the first time in at least two years, I could bite and chew normally. To my eyes there appeared some restoration of the gum line where the recession has been particularly bad. The color of the gums improved markedly. None of my teeth was obviously loose after about six months, though the splinted incisors are immobilized and may still be somewhat loose (this won’t be known until the splint is removed).

I am now more than ten months into my recovery. I eagerly await the one-year x-rays that will assess the dentistry of my bone and the amount of adhesion that has taken place. The outcome of Dr.Cortes’ treatments will not be quantified until then. However, there is no question that the progress of my disease has been arrested. There are no obvious signs of active diseases at this time. There are in fact sign that the disease has been partially reversed. The un-splinted teeth that had mobility seem solid. I have no sensitivity around the gum line where the recession had exposed the teeth, My gums look good. I can now eat normally.

Dr Martha Cortes has given me hope that my teeth can be saved. She is using new technology that seems to accomplish things that other dentists say are not possible. Her treatments cause remarkably little pain, and healing is much faster than with traditional surgical techniques. I heartily recommend that anyone who has been told that there is no hope for their teeth see Dr. Cortes without delay.

After 3 WK photo in Parades I noticed the facial structure has changed. Face is longer, neck is easy to rotate. I know that I look much younger. I guess with the compliments from friend it’s great.

E. Donloy

I shall learn the Truth
tooth by tooth
And discover the gravity
Within each oral cavity

I must confess I’m at a Mental loss
As to the best brand of dental floss

But when it comes to technology
And oral biology
Well I don’t mean to sound curt
But Martha Cortes is THE expert

The workings of laser
Don’t even phase her
And the upbeat tunes
That pervade her rooms
Really turn me on
(Even Celine Dion)

When it comes to brushing
I’m a little lazy
So when I rush in
I depend on Lupe and Daisy

Also Esperanza and Adrianna
Girls, I depend on ya
Thanks for taking the time
to read this dental rhyme

You guys are the best

Your devoted patient

-J. Seifer

Dearest and most Esteemed Dr.Cortez

It is with great thankfulness and appreciation that I write these few lines to you. What you have done for me is an outstanding kindness. There are people who work al their lifetimes to achieve the great merit that you have achieved in merely 2 hours. You truly have no idea how much it has really made a difference. You are a true healer and Angelic messenger chosen by G-D to fulfill a unique mission of great benefit to humanity. I have this feeling that what you have achieved until now is merely a drop in a vast ocean compared to what you will yet achieve. You possess a kind heart, a wise spirit and a most unique charm. You are an evolving soul that never remains stagnant and your search and yearning for truth is most extraordinary. I feel blessed that our paths have crossed and it is a privilege to know you. You are a most gifted physician exuding confidence, comfort and an aura of radiant light. It is most noteworthy that you have extracted three teeth and I have had neither swelling nor pain. The painkillers rest comfortably in my handbag. This is a definite indication that G-D has sent the great Healing Angel to accompany you on life’s journey, and to spread his wings over you and your patients. The only way I can presently repay your extraordinary kindness is by blessing you that G-D should repay you as only He can with a Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, Successful, Loving and Fulfilling Life and give to you his unconditional love and blessings as you give to others.
Looking forward to seeing you soon then I can thank you and bless you, in person. What a Angel! You are an awesome lady…

Love Always


With the overall health recommendations of Dr.Cortez I feel younger, healthier and think much more clearly. She has rapidly changed my way of eating, supplement intake and avoidance of chemicals and preservatives in food. I can truly say I am mentally sharper and feel as young as people half my age.

J. Longo

Dr Cortes,

Since you did the 3 ceracs on my lower right side, the trembling in my right hand has greatly diminished and the pounding in my chest as well.

Wendy K.

The laser treatment to my cavity felt like a totally different experience. It did not feel invasive like a traditional filling.

J. Longo

Dear Dr.C

This appreciation letter is long over due. I have been thinking to write you so many times, to tell you how VERY much I appreciate everything you have done and still are doing for me!!!
I don’t know any other Doctor or Dentist that could have helped me as much as you have. I appreciate you more than words can express!!

I know it requires a lot of patience to work on the same tooth for such a long time, but you didn’t give up and you never lost hope. If it wasn’t for you and your expertise, I don’’t know what I would have done or where I would be today.

Along with your knowledge you also have the sensitivity and the understanding that make your patients feel secure and want to come back. That is also a very important factor in recovery!!

Thank You So Much for all your support during the most difficult time in my life.

With the Warmest Appreciation,

M-L. Fiallo

Since the last visit, I feel more sure of myself- more confidence in my every day life, spend time at the gym, use my bicycle in my apartment. I am now playing the piano which I have had taken care of with new equipment because of the dampness in the house. The equipment is incredible and I spend many hours practicing- the neighbors are happy to hear me playing again


Procedure- Fillings and laser assisted perio

Dearest Doctor Martha,

I came here smiling and calm, into the light and with the light.
Thank you for your gifts to me. I also thank your dear, loved helpers who have given me such warmth, caring and humanity.
For you Doctor Martha, I wish a clear path, straight and direct and that you will have lots of sweetness and love along the way.
Thank you for caring to make me whole, as I go on my path as well.
All my love,


proc: Erbium laser assisted sterilization & esthetic filling

The pain in the upper right portion of my teeth decreased 50-60% after the filling. I was shocked at how much better I felt after the laser treatment and was pleased that I did not have the usual after effects of anesthesia. I also felt more energized. Even though the laser produced some discomfort, it was worth it and I would highly recommend the procedure

R. Ram

The water laser M.D felt more effective when used more locally at my (R) facial region and (R) neck and (R) cervical spine, all of which seem to be where my pain originates and extends outwards, than the regular laser. After use of the water laser, I experienced 75-80% less discomfort in these areas along with a renewed sense of relaxation with less guarding of painful areas including my jaw and neck. Initially, the laser felt cool and soothing, but as the treatment progress, I felt this sense of “release” leading to relaxation. I was able to follow the origin to the sites of pain referral with the probe which the laser directed me to do easily the tension as it was manipulated from my (R) upper jawline fown behind my (R) ear into my (R) shoulder. Due to the cooling effect.I was able to place the probe closer to my skin without fear of burn and upon this writing, a still feeling the effects, analgesic wise or pain at my (R) facial region and mandible.


I must say it was my lucky day when I tuned in on channel 4 and saw laser done on TV. I went on the web and located Dr.Cortes. That was the best thing that happened to me. I was in pain for two years in my lower gums. When Dr. Cortes introduced me to laser and worked on my mouth so thorough and did not leave anything pass her by. When she finished working on mouth, it felt that I was born again. I had no pain, no blood, and no soreness. They were back to normal and God bless Dr. Cortes for her dedication to me and all her patience.
Sincerely yours,

J. Ballonet

1-I have been trying to “free my neck” as per Alexander Technique for 20 years. The orthotic did it on about one week.

2- Since my “neck is freed” my whole body stance has changed.

3-I look thinner- I have actually gone down 1 pant size (but weight the same)

4-I can walk in higher heels

5-It is easier for me to stay present

6-I have been told I look younger


Overall I’m feeling so much better, especially after your work last week on my upper left tooth- removing the old fillings and cleaning the decay and infection underneath- the lasers and the cerecs- what a difference! Probably 95% of the wondering aches and sinus pain and TMJ stuff has cleared
Thank You!

M. Heathcote

“These are mine! They feel like my real teeth. I feel as if I have always had them. I am very proud and possessive of my new teeth.”

– S. Gargini , Emerald Hills, California

“I’ve been amazed at the transformation I’ve experienced my overall health since have my mercury fillings removed. I used to suffer with intense acid reflux – so much so that I often couldn’t sleep at night. After having the mercury removed, it felt as if my digestive system have revamped. I had no more trouble with acid reflux, plus my diet naturally improved. I lost my craving for sugars & sweet things. Gradually, I began to lose extra weight that I’d been concern about. I felt more energy & vitality & began to exercise more, as well. The transformation in my digestive system has been a huge relief & benefit for my life! Who knew? Thank You!”

W. Jones, New York, New York

“Wow! What a difference! This orthotic has become part of my soul. It is so basic in it’s make up but does such astonishing work in its function that it is hard to imagine without actually having the physical experience. It has changed me to the very core. Thank you, Dr. Cortes.”

– Pam S., N. Caldwell, New Jersey

“You don’t realize how amazing it is to have beautiful, healthy teeth until you lose them! I spent two summers of my young adulthood in a dentist chair. Almost every tooth I had had a mercury filling. To have a purely white smile again is truly a miracle.”

Orlee S., New York, New York

“I love my new teeth. The color is perfect & so is the shape. They look completely real.”

– Johanna F., New York

“You are a genius, an artist, and – a mensch! Your skill is amazing!”

E. Elliott, New York

“Ever since I had the orthotics put in -not only is the pain gone, but my eyes are even! So now my face is symmetrical, I’m out of pain, and the teeth are 10x nicer then my old ones, Thank you Dr. Cortes. You rock my world!”

Meg F. Westchester, New York

“I am proud to say that Dr. Cortes has been my dentist, for the past five years. During this time, I have witnessed miraculous stories, not only for myself, but for countless others as well. Dr. Cortes is a rare gem. She regularly attends advanced conferences, to keep up to date, with the latest information, in dentistry, including laser technology to provide excellent patient care. She is on a first name bases with all her patients (so is her amazing staff). In her heart of hearts, she cares for the health and well-being of each of them. Not only can she make you feel and appear more beautiful, as she is a cosmetic dentist, but she is a certified neuromuscular dentist, who looks at the person as an integrated whole, rather than a set of teeth. When she first sees her patients, she will evaluate them from head to toe. Not only that, but she will actually listen to them, without judgement. In her waiting room, you will find an array of people, who travel from different states and sometimes countries to have work done with her. Once she utilises her expertise, magic happens…”

Laurie Rodin, New York City

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