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This soft cover book is intended for the public, many of whom have been misdiagnosed or undiagnosed by physicians with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Many of these people have long narrow faces, small receding jaws, narrow dental arches and large tongues that do not fit in the narrow arches of the mouth, and tend to fall back creating a slack profile. Such an inadequate space for the soft tissue means that it becomes relaxed and obstructs the airway, inhibiting breathing for people with this disorder. These people do not realize that they are experiencing breathlessness during the night, as when we are standing up during the day, the effects of OSA are not as prominent.

Through expanding the jaw via DNA appliance therapy, we can actively treat sleep apnea by restructuring the jaw and soft tissues of the mouth – therefore avoiding serious and extensive temporomandibular joint surgery.

This is an introduction to OSA, and Dr. Cortés has a new book out (wake up! your sleep is killing you!!!) to explore this topic to a further extent.

$19.95 (including postage and handling)

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