Dr. Cortés is proud to offer tooth-coloured inlays and onlays in place of amalgam fillings

Porcelain inlays or fillings are often sought after due to the alleged toxicity of amalgam fillings

Recent studies have shown that amalgam fillings may potentially damage the body due to their high mercury content. Amalgam fillings have been used for decades as a long-lasting way to remedy the pain of cavities in the teeth. This particular type of tooth restoration is often referred to as a ‘silver filling’ and is the most cost effective option to fill in a cavity or deep crevice. However, a cheaper filling does come with a price as studies have shown that amalgam fillings can increase your mercury concentration which can cause a myriad of general health and dental complications. Here at Cortés Advanced Dentistry located in Manhattan we always want to be have high quality standards of dental health, and when it comes to amalgam fillings this means being ‘better safe than sorry’ when considering possible the side effects of these mercury-filled inlays.

What is really in an amalgam filling, inlay or onlay?

An amalgam filling is made up of various types of metal including: copper, silver tin alloy and mercury. It is a scientific fact that this type of filling releases colorless and odorless mercury vapor into the body which raises the neurotoxicity of the blood. Unfortunately it is very easy to aggravate the release of mercury vapor into the body as it can be provoked by trivial tasks such as brushing your teeth or chewing food. The side effects of mercury fillings are still under deliberation by the dental community as it hasn’t been determined if these concentrations are large enough to cause negative long-term changes within the body. If the concentration of mercury is found to be severely damaging to general health then over 100 million Americans could be suffering from the detrimental side effects of amalgam. Here at Cortés Advanced Dentistry located in Manhattan we believe in prevention rather than later treatment and that’s why we offer tooth-coloured fillings to replace amalgam fillings, after all it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Is it worth swapping my amalgam or ‘silver’ fillings for tooth-coloured fillings?

White or tooth-coloured fillings have both practical and cosmetic value. Not only do they fill in cavities in the teeth which can be painful and uncomfortable they also improve the aesthetic look of the teeth by eliminating unsightly metal. When you smile with amalgam fillings it is common to see flashes of unattractive silver which can detract from the power of your smile and decrease your confidence in front of the camera.

Have any of your patients seen a change after swapping to white inlays?

Yes. We have seen a number of patients return happier than ever about the health of their bodies after having their amalgam fillings removed. In the past our patients have raised concerns about amalgam or mercury fillings, claiming that they have suffered:

  • Acid reflux
  • Sweet tooth cravings 
  • Lack of energy and vitality
  • Reduced activity of their digestive system

Once these patients had their amalgam fillings removed they experienced a total transformation of all of these problems. They experienced decreased acid reflux and cravings as well as a feeling of reinvigoration when it came to their diet, lifestyle and motivation to exercise. We also regularly receive a number of happy patients thanking us for transforming their smile that was once ridden with unsightly silver into one that is purely white and camera-ready.

If you would like to join Cortés Advanced Dentistry’s community of happy patients please make an appointment at our Manhattan location by contacting us here.


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