DNA Appliance makes teeth straightening a breeze

Embarrassed of your smile but don’t wish to wear obtrusive braces?

DNA Appliance, offered at Cortes Advanced Dentistry in New York, is a revolutionary treatment that does not obstruct your daytime smile – it only needs to be worn in the evening and while you sleep!

What is DNA Appliance?

DNA Appliance is very similar to an orthodontic retainer, and is made specifically to fit your teeth and mouth. As you sleep the system applies intermittent force, slowly realigning your teeth and jaw to correct crooked teeth or overbites/under bites. This provides rest periods for your soft tissue throughout the day which helps keep them healthy, unlike regular braces which use constant force to straighten teeth and is harsh on the gums.

Not just for teeth straightening…

The fantastic thing about DNA Appliance is its numerous uses. It can help treat crooked teeth, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), jaws, sleep apnea and snoring. By realigning the jaw and teeth to the optimal position for you, it opens up the airways and allows free passage of air through the throat, minimizing the chance of snoring and sleep apnea.

An expert…

Elite in her field, Dr. Cortes guides and teaches dentists across the country about this revolutionary patented treatment through a series of lectures and programs.

The DNA Appliance system needs 100% commitment from the patient for it to have any effect, so if you are more interested in treatments where you aren’t as responsible for the outcome, Dr. Cortes can provide many other treatments that can aid you in your oral health.

For more information about DNA Appliance or to book an appointment, please contact us.

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