PPM™ Mouthguards – The New Technology for Golf

The new technology for golf is not in the club, the ball or glove – it’s in the mouth

How often do we see ads for the latest and best golf club that can potentially drive your ball out onto the green like a pro? Of course better technology can make for better playing, however, ultimately it is the skill of the individual player that determines how well they play. How about instead concentrating on the player and enhancing their skills through technology – no not steroids – but how about a performance mouthguard. What is a performance mouthguard, you ask? It is a dentist-derived mouthguard that is based on the science of neuromuscular dentistry. Unlike a regular mouthguard, which is merely a protective device so that your teeth don’t get damaged, a PPM™ mouthguard enhances a player’s speed, flexibility, strength and stamina during any athletic activity by correcting the balance of the lower and upper jaws. Properly balanced jaws act like a neurological circuit on the rest of the body – it’s an on button for the body’s electrically charged muscles. And these electrically charged muscles are what we depend on during golf or any other sport we may be playing to deliver balanced explosive power.

In the same way that a high-tech club can be constructed to enhance the player’s sense of balance, strength and speed by using a lighter, stronger and aerodynamic material to hit the ball harder and further – the PPM™ mouthguard is constructed to specifications gathered from the bite itself to do the same to the entire body. The Pure Power Mouthguard properly aligns the jaws allowing for the physiologic balance to be sent to the head, neck and spine and thus improving overall athletic ability. Better alignment and posture is essential to the playing of all sports. Of course not everyone is born an Arnold Palmer or a Tiger Woods, but wouldn’t it be great to be the best golf player you can be by enhancing your own innate natural power so that every club, ball or glove in your bag becomes engineered to be the best. The PPM™ mouthguard is not available in stores, but only from a neuromuscularly trained dentist, as specific computer diagnosis is necessary to arrive at the precise measurements necessary for creating this performance enhancing mouthguard.

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